Ton Blessings for your Beauty - Saree

Heart melting attire, a saree is the most popular Indian wear that has gain popularity among women across the globe. Sarees are perfect manifestation of elegance and modesty it lends, festooning the beauty of adorner in most modest appealing manner. Elina Fashion offers a wide range of gorgeous sarees online that are fit for every occasion. Select from our finest collection of wedding sarees, lehenga sarees, traditional sarees or designer saree which comes in mesmerizing shades like mustard, mauve, grey, black, blue, lavender, yellow and many other shades perfect for diwali, durga pooja, onam and any other social gathering. And now it is even easy to shop this sari in abroad also. As, Elina fashion offers to shop your favorite saree in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Europe in your choice of currency and getting it shipped to your doorstep in top notch quality with express shipment we provide worldwide. 

Here is a small guide about, How to wear a Sari?

Things require to adorn a sari: Safety pins, a petticoat, blouse and of course a saree

Step 1: Put on a blouse and a petticoat. Make sure that the color of underskirt or petticoat matches your saree if it is a simple saree and if you are planning to drape a glam saree you can go for a shimmer petticoat. After putting the petticoat, tie it firmly as your saree will be tucked on to the petticoat. You can adjust the underskirt as per your comfort.

Step 2: Next, start lifting by the corner of your saree, till the lower hem is about an inch above the ground and tuck into your petticoat. Now turn around and wrap it across your waist and keep on tucking in.

Step 3: Now pleating: As you complete one roundup, hold your saree at one arm length away from your waist to create pleats. Create the pleats of about 4-5 inches each on the front side to create a drape effect. Make 5-7 pleats as per the saree or as per your convenience. Now, tuck those pleats into your petticoat and fix it with a safety pin so that the pleats stay attached to petticoat. While draping saree make sure the height of drape from the floor should stay same.

Step 4: Now you have a drape that gives your saree a flow and ease to walk in it.

Step 5: After pleats, hold the remaining saree in your right hand and pass it on to the left one.

Step 6: Pallu: That is the loose end or remaining saree usually draped over shoulder. You can attire pallu as per your convenience as there are many different ways to adorn a pallu. Usually it is kept free flowing from shoulder or you can bring the pallu towards right side from behind and hold it in your hand or leave it to fall on the ground.

Pair it with some stylish accessories and a clutch and you are ready to go!!

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